6 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

Let’s be honest, it is not easy to always stay motivated while working out. This is truer for beginners. So, how do you keep yourself on track and never deter from the goals that you had in your mind before joining a gym near you? Your motivation is at the lowest during the fall and winter season because the days are shorter, colder and darker and you dread waking up early in the morning or even engage in vigorous activities. This is why we are providing you a couple of ways to keep yourself motivated and focused while working out.

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Set Up Your Goals

Your first plan of action should be to question yourself.  You need to ask yourself what you want to gain from working out and what mental and physical transformations you want to go through during the entire process. When you answer yourself these questions, you will easily be able to jot down the goals that you want to achieve for your gym experience. The goals will serve as your guideline for your workout sessions.

Diversify Your Regime

Monotony in anything can bring boredom and cause you to lose interest, and it is not different when it comes to your gym sessions also. Try out different workout routines so that your interest doesn’t waver from working on your body. The biggest gyms in Kolkata offer a range of activities that are not only beneficial to your body but which are also extremely fun in nature. For example, Starmark Fitness Studio, one of the best fitness centers in South Kolkata, keeps the workout regimes of its members always dynamic by encouraging them to participate in yoga, cardio, cross-fit, Zumba, kettlebell exercise, spinning classes, among others. Check them out by visiting them at 85, Prince Anwar Shah Road, 1st Floor, City High Building or call them at 9831130003/(033) 40011 213.

Try Out Group Training

If you are an extrovert by nature and love meeting and interacting with new people, then we highly suggest you enroll in a group training environment. When you realize that you are in it together along with a bunch of people who are also taking the same journey, then you will develop a sense of camaraderie with them, which will, in turn, keep you motivated. It will also encourage a healthy competitive spirit in you where you would want to up your game so as not let your peers surpass you. If not for anything else, you will simply want to go to the gym class to hang out with your buddies. So, it will help you network while incorporating the changes that you want to do to your body. Various gyms in Kolkata highly recommend this method of training for beginners. However, don’t allow the peer-pressure to get the best of you.

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Bring Regularity to Your Workout Routine

Due to the fact that some of the best multi gyms in Kolkata stay open 24*7, many gyms enthusiasts take it for granted that they don’t have to stick by a regular time to workout. We can’t stress enough as to how dangerous this is since when you fail to maintain regularity in the time you workout, your body becomes unable to adjust to the high-intense, vigorous activities going on. If you are a morning person, then join an early morning gym in Kolkata; if you want to workout during lunch-time or night, pick a schedule accordingly. The changes that you want to bring in your body won’t be reflected if you go to the gym one day in the morning, and another day at night, and continue to flip-flop. Picking a particular time helps your body to naturally prepare itself for the gym session at a specific time.

Listen to Music, Audiobooks & Podcasts

Listening to loud, energetic music while working out helps gym enthusiasts to coordinate their steps and actions with the rhythmic beats of the music. If you want some variety in the audio you listen to, then utilize your time at the gym to listen to an audiobook or catch up on all the pending podcasts that you have been storing in your phone. Audiobooks and podcast have a different vibe to them than music. They are much relaxed, slower, and captivating than music. Since you spend a couple of hours at the gym, you can actually save time by listening to the audiobooks and podcast since you don’t have to listen to them after you reach home. But, if you think they will distract you from focussing on exercises, then stick with music or with nothing at all.

Reward Yourself

We all understand that working out is excruciatingly painful at times. Even the best gyms in Kolkata sometimes can’t motivate you enough to keep going. Therefore, you have to be your own cheerleader; and a big part of it comes from rewarding yourself. Whenever you achieve a small goal, treat yourself. Go for a movie, or have an extra slice of pizza or gift yourself an extra workout gear, or a humble holiday, or just simply plan a night out with your friends. You will eventually find yourself being extra motivated when you know what you are going to get at the completion of the task. Its benefit will be two-fold – firstly, you will bring a positive physical change in your body, and in turn, to your mind; and secondly, you will know that the time to reward yourself has come.

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Motivation is extremely important for the growth of an individual, especially when you are working out. Remember, staying motivated or de-motivated is a state of mind at the end of the day. Nobody is at a greater control over your motivation than yourself. Make sure you don’t sabotage yourself and become your own worst enemy. There will be times when you would feel like quitting, but as long as the reasons to quit are not catastrophic, try to hang it out, given you are happy. After all, getting a chiseled body is of no use if you are not happy from within. So, go out there, do your research in order to find the best gyms in Kolkata, get a membership and begin the transformation that you have been waiting for.


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